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Lose Weight Over The Holidays?

You Bet You Can ...

The holidays can be a 'perfect storm' of dietary disaster and weight gain. But participants in our Not One Ounce program actually lose weight from Halloween, through Thanksgiving and right on into the New Year.

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NPR Station, KCRW

157 Participants

Average weight lost / person = 3.3lbs


4,718 Participants

Average weight lost / person = 3.0lbs

Weekly Content

Not One Ounce

Holiday Program

  • week 1: Getting Ready For The Candy Katrina

    Halloween is on its way. What are you going to do when kids bring the sweets in- or when your co-workers bring it back to your desk? The answer is here.

  • week 2: The Post-Halloween Fallout

    Where does all that leftover candy go? To your office!! Red icing, green icing, white icing, blue icing. It's going to be all around you, all the time, and this presents a very serious problem for your attempts to maintain a healthy weight.

  • week 3: Eating Preparations In The Run Up To Thanksgiving

    Start counting down the T-minus to T-day. And, if you're going to be ready, you're going to have to start making changes right away. We'll spell them out for you this week.

  • week 4: Foods For The Thanksgiving Feast

    This is the best holiday of the year. And to make it the healthiest holiday of the year, start with healthy food selections. We'll give you plenty of delicious recipes to work with as well.

  • week 5: Managing Holiday Stressors (Surviving The Holiday Season)

    T-Day is over but the left-overs linger. Having survived November, we are now ready for "Black Friday" and the final push through the rigors of December.

  • week 6: Holiday Parties

    These parties are everywhere, living for your diet like a gauntlet of brownie buffet bars, lying in wait. There are solutions to help you out during this graze-fest, and we deliver those this week - just in the nick of time!

  • week 7: Eating At Family Gatherings

    When you are away from home, you are out of your element, your routines, and your healthy eating habits. This week solves the wonderful problem of eating at family gatherings.

  • week 8: A New Year A New You

    Now that the New Year is in full swing, don't get on a diet. Make lifestyle changes to benefit health and weight that will last a lifetime. These rules show you how to live, and therefore never diet again.

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