TV Food Ads Can Pack On Pounds?


If you eat foods advertised on TV, and even if you practice Herculean will power only have 2000 calories of those foods, you would get a stunning 25 TIMES the recommended sugar … 20 TIMES the fat (and not healthy fats either!).

The results of this study suggest the foods advertised on television tend to oversupply nutrients associated with chronic illness — e.g., saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium — and undersupply nutrients that help protect against illness — e.g., fiber, Vitamins A, E and D, calcium and potassium,” lead investigator Michael Mink said in a news release.

Hey, I got a new diet. It’s called the cut-out-the-TV diet! Here’s what you do: treat your TV like you treat your foods — high quality, low quantity.

TV Food Ads Promote Bad Diets –

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2 thoughts on “TV Food Ads Can Pack On Pounds?

  1. Exactly. Fruits and Veggies are not as marketable, because you can't patent them!! (not yet). So the things we see on TV will necessarily be things that are invented.

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