Ask Will: Are Cleanses Dietary Draino For Toxins?

Dear Dr. Clower,
I’ve read a lot about cleanses lately. What is a good cleansing tea to drink to clean out your system?

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I know. You hear about this stuff all the time, along with abs busters, fat-be-gone rings, no work no exercise pills that melt fat off, and the super food that will [fill in the blank] as you sing and dance on a beach with a Labrador and 2 children (all of whom are magically behaving themselves).

As far as detox diets go, it turns out that the two best detoxers on planet Earth are called, your liver and your kidney. That’s what they do. It’s their job. 

If they aren’t functioning well, toxins can certainly accumulate. In other words, we need to NOT get in their way and let them do the job they have been crafted for over the past few bazillion years.

Listen, there is no dietary Draino for your digestive system. The metabolic Roto-Rooter doesn’t exist. There is no tea, acai berry, or bizarre green slurry that’s going to clean up your act for you. You have to do that yourself. 

All that said, you actually can help your system clean up, and take out the metabolic trash. You do this by avoiding processed food products that your kidney has to manage, and synthetic ingredients that your liver has to filter.

Replace those with real food like beans, sweet potato, squash, root veggies … see where I’m going here? Do this and you get a higher percentage of antioxidants on board that work on the molecular level to help our your liver and your kidneys at the organ level.

That said, if you like green slurry juice or tea or Goji berries or whatever, go for it. If it’s a real food, it’s certainly not going to hurt you. And you are, in fact, helping to clean your system by AVOIDING faux foods.

So. To finally answer your question, all tea can help if it consists of real ingredients. Some have slightly more antioxidants in them, and so are a bit better. 

But none are as important to add, as faux foods are important to subtract. 

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  1. I wish Gloria Lynn would see this… She has been making us that green stuff for 3 days.. so i got me a ninja we only put good things in it.
    Don"t worry I can never give up my beans.. Love you, keep up your good works. I know to come to you when I need to know What is good for myself.

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