Chocolate Week, Love, and V-Day

Love is a red thread running through all good things: success in relationship, in diet, in exercise, in nutrition, in work, in play, in [fill in the blank].


Although love is many things, it is not consumption, nor ownership, lust nor lasciviousness, ownership nor control. And the love of food makes the point.

When you love your food, you taste it more, consume it less, and choose higher quality items that taste better.

When you love your food, you take more time with it, not less, because it is not an errand or PITA that you have to get over with so you can get back to more important things in your day.

When you love your food, you want to share that appreciation with others. When this happens, you tend to take more time and control portions in the process.

For Valentines Day, for your health in so many realms, this is the message. #Love. The trick to it all is understanding what it means to love your food, and dropping what we are TOLD it means to love your food.