Resolution Solutions: Reward For Long Term Success

We’re human and like to be rewarded for our accomplishments. For the new year, we often have goals for ourselves, and those goals should come with rewards!

The key to these rewards is to make them support your efforts, rather than work against them. For example, if your goal is weight-related, don’t make that reward be some kind of triple fudge caramel macchiato ice cream caloric explosion. That’s going to work against you.

On the other hand, if your goal is to be more active, perhaps your goal for meeting the metrics you set could get yourself a new pair of running shoes or workout clothes. A goal to be more mindful could come with a reward to give yourself a trip to the spa.

In addition to creating goals that support your efforts, it’s a good idea to have multiple small goals to help pull you along. Remember, the big changes come from the everyday lifestyle activities you follow through on each day. So reward yourself weekly – in some small way – when you make your weekly goals as well.  If you meet your goal for an entire month, the reward yourself with something more substantial. This kind of tiered reward system can help sustain your efforts over time.