Love matters for … your activity levels


What’s Love Got To Do With It? During the month of February, we are going over all the reasons love actually DOES have something to do with your emotional, physical, and social health.


How did our culture decide that being active requires a shirt that says, “No Pain, No Gain.” How did we decide that if it hurts and your thighs burn and your side is splitting that you’re doing it right.

No healthy culture does this. In fact, most cultures simply move more through the day, doing activities they enjoy. They walk with friends, ride bikes, swim, play ball with their mates, or play with their kids.

Does this mean you shouldn’t go to the gym? Not at all! If you love the exertion of it, then it’s perfect for you. If you do not, it’s not! And many gyms have now incorporated a broader range of activities like yoga, team sports, biking groups etc.

The key is to find the activity you love, then do that. If you hate that activity, you’ll be less likely to follow through. But also, schlogging through a workout you hate can contribute to a stress response that can partially counteract the effect of the activity in the first place! In other words, doing an activity that you don’t like makes it even harder to get the benefits of exercise.

So find what you love and do that. Not only is it more enjoyable, it also puts your body’s internal state in a better position to take advantage of it!





Will Clower

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