Sugar: What About Fruit?


This month we focus on sugar consumption: which to eat, which to avoid, and how to change your own cravings for the better!

Farme's hands hold an old kitchen pot full of fresh ripe strawberriesOne of the reasons apples, peaches, watermelons etc taste so delicious is because they contain sugar. And in our efforts to control sugar consumption, so should we avoid fruit as well?

Not at all.

In addition to its trove of vitamins and minerals, whole fruit is rich in fiber. For blood sugar control, this is exactly what is needed to help moderate the processing of those sugars in your body. This creates a slower rise of glucose into your blood stream. Foods that have sugar with no fiber, such as candies and highly processed food products, can cause a more rapid rise.

This situation can lead to unstable sugar control, which is associated with the development of diabetes. For healthy management of blood sugar, fruits high in fiber are a great addition to your diet.

The extra fiber found in normal fruit is not a trivial thing either, especially when you consider that the fiber is also protective against such horrible conditions as colon cancer.


Will Clower

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