When Cancer Fighting Foods Get Boring

I know this is going to sound boring, but there’s another way to look at it. The most potent cancer fighters are not the fancy berries from Java or Fiji or where ever. They’re the plain foods that are right in front of us, and always have been.

Hiding in plain sight. Boring broccoli, cabbage or sour kraut (*yawn same ole same ole), Brussels sprouts, and collards. They’re not new!, revolutionary!, or unbelievable! But they’re also cheap, so just how good could they be?

It turns out that this particular class of winter veggies have the “Indoles”, which are massive cancer fighters: found in broccoli, cabbage, collards.

Okay, what if we compromise? You keep eating the boring super cancer fighters, but make them non-boring by preparing them in novel ways. I won’t google that for you, you got this. Just type in the letters, into the search box, and you’ll find a zillion awesome ways to put together cancer fighting foods you will love.