The Musical Fruit. The More Your Eat ’em The More You Fight Cancer

Yeah, yeah, we all know the rhyme, and they actually do happen to be good for your heart.

But what people don’t say — maybe because nothing rhymes with ‘cancer’ except ‘schmancer’ — is that beans are amazing at reducing your cancer risk as well (check this review, if you’re a researcher, grad student, or have way too much time on your hands).

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The bottom line for normal people is that this cheap, cheeeeap food needs to be your new best food friend. It’s got your back, and your heart, and your liver, and your brain … and you get the idea.

Eat the beans!


Cancer Fighting Foods Are ‘C’ Students

Good news! It’s okay, in fact it’s awesome, to be a C-student in nutrition! That is especially true if you want to reduce your risk of the C-word.

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For example, vitamin C is now being investigated as an adjunct with chemotherapy — in high doses — to help combat already existing cancers (read this review on the subject, if you’re into a steady diet of syllable-salad).

But what about taking steps to reduce the chances of ever getting it in the first place?

It turns out that regular consumption of foods containing vitamin C can reduce your chances of cancer formation. Study: “Numerous epidemiological studies have pointed to the importance of dietary and supplemental ascorbate in the prevention of various types of cancer including bladder, breast, cervical, colorectal, esophageal, lung, pancreatic, prostate, salivary gland, stomach, leukemia, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

That’s a lotta cancer prevention in that citrus fruit, red bell pepper, broccoli, cabbage, and tomato.

Just keep this in mind. Vitamin C is a bit of a nutritional snowflake. It breaks down at higher temps, and is water soluble and can be lost if you steam that broccoli with too much water. Hint: just microwave your veggies, as this provides a shorter cooking time, and requires less water.

When Cancer Fighting Foods Get Boring

I know this is going to sound boring, but there’s another way to look at it. The most potent cancer fighters are not the fancy berries from Java or Fiji or where ever. They’re the plain foods that are right in front of us, and always have been.

Hiding in plain sight. Boring broccoli, cabbage or sour kraut (*yawn same ole same ole), Brussels sprouts, and collards. They’re not new!, revolutionary!, or unbelievable! But they’re also cheap, so just how good could they be?

It turns out that this particular class of winter veggies have the “Indoles”, which are massive cancer fighters: found in broccoli, cabbage, collards.

Okay, what if we compromise? You keep eating the boring super cancer fighters, but make them non-boring by preparing them in novel ways. I won’t google that for you, you got this. Just type in the letters, into the search box, and you’ll find a zillion awesome ways to put together cancer fighting foods you will love.

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Cancer Fighting Foods Week

Why are winter veggies are such good cancer fighters?

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, beet, carrot, collards. And some of the best are the orange foods: pumpkin, carrot, and winter squash.

Maybe it’s nature’s way of protecting us when the fresh fruit and veg are in short supply. Thank you mamma nature 🙂

Plus, if you’ve never had a butternut squash soup, your life is incomplete and you need to hop to that! My “Audible Groaning” Butternut Squash Soup Recipe.

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Frigid Fitness Week and The Internal Combustion Engine

Many guys I know — and me as well — tend to “run hot”. I could have the door open to the arctic circle and be just fine. But, in the company of some others, have been instructed to set the thermostat temperature to Solar Flare just to stop them from shivering.

It’s a handy thing to have during the winter, and makes it much easier to get outside because I’m not instantly turning into one gigantic walking goose bump. So the question is, what can you do to stoke your own Internal Combustion Engine?

It’s about your muscles. Other than your brain, muscles burn more energy than anything else in your body. So if you have more tone — you do NOT have to be bulky at all — you will burn more, increasing that internal heat.

This means that your weights don’t have to be super heavy to be effective. Just be consistent with what you have, or with your situps, planks, squats, or whatever resistance work you’re doing.

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Warm Up Frigid Fitness Week With A Slow Burn

Okay, I’m old. Jurassic. Just call me Jerry. Jerry Attric. In fact, I remember when computers were not a thing. Do that math.

One of the outcomes of my advanced age is that exercise affects me differently now than it did when I was still all young and pretty. Before, if I fell down, I’d bounce right back up. Now? I just thud like Randy from Christmas Story, and lay there like a slug to recover.

An outcome of all this is that doing weight training can make it much easier to pull or harm a muscle. SO, the solution is to lighten up on the weight and increase the repetitions.

However. If you want to have more tone, you don’t have to add heavy weights that might strain your muscles. Just change your pace. Do the very same set of movements or actions (whatever they are), but now do them at 1/2 speed and see how that burns your muscles.

This winter, mix it up. Make your simple indoor activities harder once in a while by slowing the rate of the movement. Slower speed = higher EFFECTIVE weight, without the added pounds that can cause injury to your muscles.

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Friendly Fire Today For Frigid Fitness Week

Unless you’re a Yeti or just really dedicated, Winter Walking can be tough to start, and harder to follow through on. One of the reasons for this is because A) it’s cold; B) muscles tighten up; C) it’s cold; D) the color palate of gray on gray just wears you down; AND … F) It’s cold.

Hear Here To Hear More about how to protect your muscles, your face, and even sustain motivation while you’re out there.

The first best solution is to get a walking buddy. Seriously, you can talk yourself out of anything, but as soon as your friend gives you a long glaring pause when you suggest that you guys blow off your walk, you’ll say oh okay, let them know how you were just kidding anyway … really … and then get back out and move.

When you’re done, you’ll be so glad you had your friend to “hold your feet to the fire” so you can go get cold and then come back in and actually hold your chilly feet next to the fire!

Frigid Fitness When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Of course I say that you should tough it out, layer up, and get outside during the winter. But I don’t live in the tundra of the great white north, where the wind comes a-sweepin down the plains at minus 273 Kelvin.

Under these conditions, even I’d have a hard time braving the grossness until the permafrost melted next spring. So how do you finesse fitness into your life?

Indoor activities that you can do for just a few weeks until there’s no more risk of frostbitten toes. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Indoor activities?

But honestly, if you do simple stuff, like pushups and situps, each day for one single month it will tone you up, increase your basal metabolism, and therefor burn more of that chicken fried chicken pot pie stuffed potato comfort food-o-rama.

Other great ones are yoga, jump roping, and planking. Seriously, just do these one time. Make it your daily multi-vitamin, your one-a-day, every day. Don’t skip it, and make a solid commitment to follow through just for one month. THEN, I want you to tell me how you feel at the end.

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