The Summer Sweet Tooth and Healthy Peaches

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This is my segment, recorded on KDKA-TV. I explain WHY excess sugar is a problem, what to be concerned about, and what is really not a problem at all. 

One of the items that is just not a problem? Fruit. 

I mean, I know people who won’t eat a banana or a peach because they’re afraid of the sugar and carbs. If you know anyone who is like this, you have to have them check this video out, because peaches are in-season, right now, and so very incredibly wonderfully deliciously healthy for you. 

Let me know your thoughts!!
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Crying Out Loud: Octobers Healthiest Foods (w video)

Dry your eyes, princess, onions are awesome. Say it with me … “onions are awesome”. Thank you!! 

Yes, they make you cry when you cut them, but they make you very happy if you are a diabetic … helping you control your blood sugar (here you go, science geeks and data heads). 

And you’re asking me, “why is this an October food, when I can get these all year round?” Good question. The answer is that onion crops peak in the fall. The stuff you get at other times of the year  will either come shipped in from somewhere else (like plums from Peru, or apples from Australia), or be produced in some other agro-controlled way. 

So now — and this is just me talking — is the time to get the onions that will taste the best. You know how you get those winter tomatoes that are whitish in the middle and pithy and mealy and [fill in the blank with some term that means low flavor]? The same thing will happen for any of your veggies. So get the onions now, they’ll likely taste better!! 

Why do onions make you cry? 
This is a great video showing 1) why this happens at all, and 2) how to prevent it from happening. 

Include the Food 
(don’t drink it by the gallon, just have it once in a while)
Killer recipe for French Onion Soup, from my 2nd book, The French Don’t Diet

I love when this happens. French Onion Soup is a perfect fall food because it’s hot, it’s got these awesome caramelized onions, with a scatter of cheesy bready wonderfulness. 

Make this soup yourself this weekend. It’s so easy, and cheap to throw together!! Once you do it, start playing with your food to tweak the savor and flavor to be EXACTLY what you want it to be. 
Click here for the recipe.  

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Fertility Fruit: October’s Healthiest Foods (w video)

This fruit won’t make you pregnant, but it has been a symbol for fertility, for prosperity, and also eternal life for thousands of years. 

Actually, people started planting this fertility fruit about 5,000 years ago! 

Why is it associated with fertility? 
Maybe its because this fruit is nothing more than a bunch of tart little seeds, that have the potential to produce thousands more pomegranates. 

That’s some reproductive potential!! 

But maybe because, for 5,000 years, the people who eat this are less likely to die from things like cancer (here’s the data) or heart problems for diabetics (here’s the data) as well as for everyone else (here’s the data)!!

So What’s The Problem?

The problem is that many people don’t know about them, don’t know how to prepare them, or even how to get the seeds out without becoming a red, juicy mess. 

So here is a great video showing you an easy way to de-seed this beautiful (if seedy) fertility fruit. 

Include the Food! (you don’t need to bathe in pomegranate juice, just have a little from time to time)

Check out this super simple supper recipe for a salad with carrots (just run them through a chopper) and pomegranate seed (just throw them in there) and finish it off with your own salad dressing — a squeeze of lemon and a couple of Tablespoons of olive oil. 

Oh, salt and pepper too. 

It’s also awesome because it combines two of  October’s healthiest foods. 

It’s ALSO awesome because its a salad that you can make for dinner, and then have it for lunch. Even though it’s a salad, it keeps really really well.    

Get this recipe for pomegranate/carrot salad here. 

See Also: Food Res Int. 2011 August 1; 44(7): 1856–1865.
Exotic Fruits as Therapeutic Complements for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

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Video: How Harvard Disses Dairy … and WHY?

The USDA has been producing dietary guidelines for about 100 years now. 

The picture has gone from a PIE, to a square, to a pyramid, to a “rainbow pyramid”, to a circular plate. 

In this interview, I talk about how this change happened, WHY it happened, and the controversy around it.  

I have to say that, for those who are anti-dairy, you may have issues with this piece … I hope not. When Harvard’s School of Public Health  dislodged dairy from the Healthy Eating Plate, it seemed kind of weird, and out of the blue. 

So I started reading about their reasoning, and kept coming up with concerns that the Dairy industry has too much influence in policy making.  

Dude, stick to nutrition. It either is okay for you or it is not. I actually agree with them that the overlap between the food industry and the food regulators is WAY too cozy. 

But you are the Harvard School of Public Health, not the Harvard School of Public Policy. 

Later in the document, Harvard said that the USDA was recommending that you drink MORE milk. However, the recommendations for milk consumption have never increased (it’s always been ~2-3 cups per day). 

How could they get that wrong? 

Finally, if you have TOO MUCH milk, they say, you could get ovarian or prostate cancer. Really? The “slippery slope argument? Here’s the problem with this concern: 

  • If you drink too much water, you’ll get hyponatremia and die. 
  • If you have too much wine you’ll get cirrhosis of the liver … 
  • if you have too much meat you could harm your kidneys or heart … 
  • heck, if you have too much fiber, you’re going to be sorry!! 

This is so unfortunate, coming from an institution that I respect so much. They sound overtly political, and come off sounding a bit petty, as if they have an ax to grind.  

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VIDEO: Clower Clarifies the Cellphone Cancer Connection

Some people talk as if putting a cellphone to your head is the same as putting a gun to your head. In this KDKA-TV spot, Dr Clower clears the airwaves for us.  

Check it out and let us know your thoughts!!

Are you going to NOT use a cell phone? Are you going to take precautions and practice “Safe Cellphoning”? Or do you think it’s a whole lot of hoo hah over nothing? 

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