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Simple Delivery Model

Each week, you get a new LIVE presentation. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you have convenient access to Dr. Clower's programming at the click of a mouse. The website platform provides daily audio coaching, instructional videos, participant manuals, recipes, and more. If you miss the live session, no worries. Each session is recorded for on-demand playback.

Full Family Access

Dr. Clower's easy delivery model opens up wellness programming for your employees, and their family members as well.


Launch Enthusiasm

We have great “Wellness Bait” … Chocolate! Dr Clower will come to your site location to provide his signature Chocolate Eating Lessons, as an introductory seminar to kick off the program. Employees really turn out for this entertaining, educational lunch-n-learn. They leave with (in addition to the chocolate!) an understanding of the difference between high-quality and high-quantity consumption, and the principles of living a healthy lifestyle.


In association with Spa Finder, Mediterranean Wellness offers “Wellness Currency” incentive cards. These virtual, plastic, or paper gift cards can be redeemed for over 20,000 wellness experiences across the globe, including spa, fitness, yoga, Pilates, and more.

Sustained Onsite Messaging

Our beautiful, professionally produced posters provide motivation for your employees to participate and follow through with their wellness goals. These are aligned with the content of the live programming so they get consonant, reinforcing messages.


High Flexibility

Our delivery model provides a high degree of flexibility so you can schedule the weekly lecture at a time that is right for you.

Often over lunch break

Specific times for shift workers

Specific times for multiple time zones

Recorded versions of those lectures available at all times

We Do The Admin For You:

You don’t need one more bit of admin overhead to tag onto your infinite To-Do list. We take care of that for you.

We handle registration right on our website

Daily and weekly materials delivered automatically via email

Reminders for weekly sessions delivered automatically via email

Feedback, questions, and comments fielded daily


At the end of the program, we gather our participant data and deliver it to you in composite form. You will learn the participation rates, and how that breaks down by any variable that you choose (gender, department, site location, etc).


Importantly, these data are provided in order to help determine the next steps that serve your company best. What worked, what did not, and what were the strengths and the weaknesses? This assessment allows us to improve upon your wellness outreach, platform, and delivery. Ultimately this will result in more efficient efforts at targeting upcoming wellness initiatives.

What We Do

What We Deliver

Full year-long content improves healthy lifestyles for employees and families

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What We Deliver

How We Deliver

LIVE, in person video presentations each week, that reach everyone, everywhere.On demand sessions for unlimited playback.

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How We Deliver

How We Message

Create a culture of health with daily audios, weekly health notes, and instructional videos.

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How We Message

Know Your Numbers

We can sched your screenings. Once you “Know Your Numbers”, this program answers the question, “Now What?”)

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Know Your Numbers

Wellness Organization

We remove the admin headache for you by organizing multi-site wellness efforts.

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Wellness Organization

Real Results From Real People

  • "I thank you for teaching me how to be at peace with my food, and more importantly, how to be at peace..."
  • "I heard you last Saturday on NPR and loved the ideas you shared. You and your team have such a spectacular way of explaining things!"
  • "I can truly say that the PATH has changed my life. I have never felt better or more in control of my body than I do now."
  • "I just want to say that your book has changed my life! I have gone from a size 24/26 to a 6."
  • "I no longer look at food as something I must grudgingly endure. I feel confident for the first time ever that I can keep the extra weight off."
  • "I am reborn. I just feel really great, not this good in years and I’m taking advantage of all that you suggest."
  • "I have learned a new “awareness”. I am aware of my food, aware of my joy, aware of LIFE. Thank you again and God Bless You."
  • "I have to say I think your program ROCKS!! What you said today gives me hope."
  • "I am happy to say that I tried to drink a soda and the taste is so sweet that I dumped it out after 1 sip. I definitely reduced my sweet tooth significantly."
  • "You are giving me real tools that I can use to change my whole attitude about food and eating.."
  • "Me and Sally and Carol are going to George Strait concert tonight! The bad news is I couldn’t find a pair of jeans to change into. All too big."

Who We Have Helped