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The Promise Of Mediterranean Wellness

We deliver first principles. Based on the Mediterranean dietary approach, these foundations of eating behavior underlie the healthiest, most delicious diet on Earth. In weekly live seminars, our web-based platform makes the Mediterranean lifestyle and results available to everyone. In this incredible dietary program, participants pull their sweet tooth, control chronic consumption, and stop stress-induced over-consumption.

For corporations, Mediterranean Wellness offers custom packages, as broad or narrow as you need: screening, data analysis, health risk stratification, health coaching, vending machine makeover, your own company wellness magazine, zumba, yoga, as well as health messaging provided daily, weekly, and monthly in print, audio, and video formats.

No wellness platform is more comprehensive in content, effective in delivery, and seamless in execution than Mediterranean Wellness.

Our Wellness Leaders

  • Rita Madden, MPH RD

    Rita Madden

    Registered Dietician

  • Dr. Will Clower, PhD

    Dr. Will Clower

    Founder & CEO

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