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You have the ability to choose any of our wellness curricula, each with LIVE or DIY sessions over 8-9 weeks, including the Mediterranean Wellness Path Program, the Grocery Store Tour, the Cooking For Health Program, the Summer Seminar Series, and the holiday Not One Ounce Program.

  • Live Dr. Will Clower Presentations
  • Mediterranean Wellness Program Materials
  • Dr. Will Clower Live Presentations
  • Mediterranean Wellness Homework
  • Mediterranean Wellness Daily Audio
  • Medwell Quarterly Newsletter
  • Medwell Recipe Book
  • Medwell Journal
  • Medwell Community
  • Medwell Mobile

LIVE Webcast Presentations

These LIVE presentations allow your employees to engage with a real person, in real time. Plus, if they happen to miss a live session, each one is recorded for on-demand playback.

Mediterranean Wellness LIVE Presentations
Mediterranean Wellness Program Materials

Program Materials

Program materials include a Participation Manual & Accountability Card. The Participation Manual is your week-by-week resource guide, and the Accountability Card is your take-home card to make this lifestyle work for you, right at home.

Instructional Videos

Great inspirational tools that help you succeed in our program. Each week, these videos complement what you are learning, and act as supplemental resources to help you.

Mediterranean Wellness Instructional Videos
Mediterranean Wellness Homework


Homework helps facilitate the path to a healthier you. You are given a few questions each week to recognize the progress you have made from week to week.

Medwell Daily Audio

Short clips to listen to each day that will help guide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Each day's topic coincides with the overall message delivered that week.

Mediterranean Wellness Daily Audio
Mediterranean Wellness Online Newsletter

Medwell Newsletter

We pack this publication with seasonal inspiration each quarter. From recipes to exercises, to coaching you on a lifestyle of living well, you will love this Newsletter.

Medwell Online Recipe Book

These mouthwatering recipes use all natural ingredients, but no fussy specialty ones. So they’re easy to make, and easier to eat with your family and friends.

Mediterranean Wellness Online Recipe Book
Mediterranean Wellness Online Journal

Medwell Online Journal

The online journal allows you to keep track of your thoughts, your progress, your struggles, and successes.

Medwell Online Forum

Engage with others who have your interests, your goals, and working toward the same things that you are. These virtual neighbors allow you to “crowd source” solutions and inspiration to keep you motivated and on track.

Mediterranean Wellness Online Forum
Medwell Mobile Welness Messaging

Medwell Mobile

You decide. What content do you want, how often do you want it delivered, and it comes right to your phone wherever you are. Coaching texts are supplemented by audio that keep you on target for fitness, nutrition, and/or weight loss.